Week 10: GEC in New York

This week we traveled to Rochester and Syracuse, New York to visit some Wegmans’ stores. I really like Wegmans, not only do they have good quality produce in their stores, but they also have quality staff and customers that make our visits to the stores so memorable.

The store that we were at on Saturday was in Penfield, and this is probably their biggest store. I was told that in the winter, the fire marshal has to turn people away from the store because the store is at capacity! The produce manager told us that traffic that day was actually pretty low for a typical Saturday, but it seemed incredibly busy to me!

The most memorable aspect of Saturday was getting to meet Danny Wegmans, and his daughter Colleen. It was so cool that I was able to share with them what NatureFresh is doing with the GEC and how they are growing produce. Both Danny and Colleen seemed very interested and impressed with what we are doing and I hope it was a memorable experience for them!

I still have four weeks with NatureFresh, but I know they will go by fast and I will be moving back to East Lansing to start classes back up again very soon. This summer has been incredibly memorable and I have learned so much. My internship has been very different than I originally expected, but I have gained so much experience and knowledge that I know I will carry with me for many years to come!


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