Week 10 at Neogen Corp.

Last week I spoke about how my project with the milling and grain division finally ended at what a relief it was. This week is the start of a new project coming my way from the Healthcare division here at Neogen. This is a very drastic change in atmosphere for me because for 9 weeks now I’ve gotten so used to speaking to farmers and grain elevator operators, and now I’ll be speaking with doctors and nurses. I’ve been told that the healthcare professionals are much more different to speak with since they are usually in a rush to do a lot of their tasks. The farmers and grain operator were usually cracking jokes with me,telling me about their weekend plans, and so forth. My Healthcare coworkers are now telling me that the healthcare workers like to be very succinct and direct, they don’t like to joke around and talk about personal things. I don’t anticipate this being a problem for me, since I am able to switch around my way of speaking fairly easily, and speak directly if need be.

The project itself is somewhat similar to what I’ve been doing for the past two months here. a few different learning curves about the software is what I anticipate to be the hardest part about this project. I will be speaking to the individuals who use our devices (nurses, maids, etc.) and training them on to use the new software on the device. Obviously I need to be able to use the thing myself before trying to teach it, so this week will be dedicated to learning the device through and through. Since I will be finishing this internship in the next few weeks I anticipate this being my last project at Neogen. its almost unbelievable I’m already 3/4ths of the way finished with my internship.


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