Week 9: Tri County Equipment

Week 9 at Tri County Equipment was busy and full of new experiences, which is standard at this point in the summer.  We’ve pretty much wrapped up wheat harvest in our territory, so if there’s ever a slow period in our field, now would be it.  The time between wheat harvest and fall harvest, when crops are too big to spray but not yet at the end of their life cycle, is one of the least-busy times of the year (next to winter, of course).

However, I am particularly excited for this coming week.  Wednesday, John Deere is sending me to an Agricultural Management Solutions training event in Indianapolis, hosted at Lucas Oil Stadium.  There I will learn about new products, as well as effective methods of marketing them.  The three-day event will conclude in a tour of the stadium, which should be really neat.

Overall, the internship has been going really well.  I’ve learned a ton of new things, things that will stick with me throughout whatever career path I should choose.  I’ve also opened up plenty of career opportunities, should I ever wish to work at Tri County, which is a viable option.  Either way, I look forward to the last few weeks of my time with the organization.


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