Week 10-Coca-Cola

This week I am focusing on making material for big store format. I am working on making signage for two upcoming promotions. It is interesting to see how many considerations go into a sign that you might see in a Meijer or Kroger. At minimum you have to consider: target audience, current promotions, current product focus, pricing, package, placement and timing of the signage. I enjoy making this signage. However, I find it difficult to understand what the consumer or management of these stores really want. I am not interacting with these people on a regular basis unlike the sales team. I think that if I was provided a bit more background market knowledge I could make efficient use of my time.

The summer is wrapping up and we are heading into fall promotions. It is crazy how fast this summer has gone! In a couple weeks I will be attending the Back to School strategy meeting. I am excited because this meeting is with the Food Service on Premise team. I interested to see how home market strategies are different from on premise.

Our new intern who is a fellow FIM student is starting soon as well. She is a friend of mine. I will have to tell the individual that the job isn’t always glamorous but to have fun with it along the way. I am lucky that my employment extends into the school year so that I have the opportunity to grow my role further. I am thankful that I have a good team who is supportive and helps me to grow within my role! I can’t wait to see what the fall has in store for me and Coca-Cola. It has been a great six months.

If anyone has any further questions about Coca-Cola, feel free to ask!



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