Week 9: Meijer

This week was exciting at Meijer. This week I was invited to attend the yearly store director meeting with all the stores in the East Detroit region. During this meeting I was introduced to Todd Weer, the senior vice president of Meijer stores as well as some other Meijer executives. The most exciting part of the meeting was when I was asked to talk in the meeting about my project I am working on. I am working on a retention/turnover project and trying to find a solution to the issue. After speaking about my project the room was broken up into groups and we had some breakout discussions about some root causes of the retention. We were then asked to come up with a solution to the problem. During my group discussion I presented some ideas that I had to fix the issue. The group then used my idea to present to the other groups. The idea was liked so much that the vice president and others said it was a great idea and are now planning on implementing the idea in the region. I will be working closely with the HR team to make sure the idea runs smoothly and is integrated into the stores.


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