Week 9 at Coyote

Another week with the best internship ever! This week was a bit different than the previous weeks. The beginning of the week began as normal. Setting our bi-weekly goals with our mentors and performing to the best of our ability. Along with the standard day to day life, two interesting events happened this week.

First, we had another intern huddle but not with just anyone. The CCO of Coyote came and talked to all of the interns. He was amazing to listen to! His back was so extensive, from serving in the military to play D1 football at Duke University where he also had an academic scholarship. Obtaining several degrees, becoming the CEO of two different companies, Jim Sharman explained how he got he role with Coyote and gave on several tips on Coyote and any professional environment we encounter throughout our careers. He was a very insightful man who anyone could learn a lot from.

The second event was I attended my very first baseball event with my intern class, sponsored by Coyote! When I tell you this company’s culture is unimaginable, its just something that you will have to experience for yourself.

Even thought it has been a slow week, I have still been able to hit all of the target goals my mentor sets for me, with his help of course. I have learned so much from him up until this point and next week, It will be time for me to cut he ties loose, and try being more independent. I am looking forward to this new challenge and I will tell you all about next week!


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