Week 9: AIS Construction Equip.

It has been yet another busy, full week of work at AIS Construction Equipment, one full of sales responsibilities and inventory re-arrangement.  It was definitely a big week in my opinion, as I was finally able to sit down with my manager, discuss my progress thus far, and come up with a plan for the rest of the summer.  This meeting definitely helped to kickstart more responsibilities with the organization, as I have been seeing quite a bit more work coming across my desk.

After having Monday off, Tuesday was a big day, I had sat down and met with my manager early in the morning, which spurred the much larger quantity of work that came my way in the afternoon.  Wednesday saw much of the same, I spent almost all of my time looking up parts and contacting customers.  Thursday and Friday took a completely different tone.  Both of those days I spent organizing yet another portion of our second story warehouse.  Next week I look for much of the same as I tailor my sales skills.


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