Week 9- Wilbur Ellis

I have finished nine weeks at Wilbur Ellis and I’m still learning and enjoying this experience. I absolutely enjoy the job and the people I work with. They make the work environment much more relaxed and enjoyable. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and am so blessed with the group of people I work with and for.

Here is a recap of my past week:

Monday: Checked north SWD traps where I found a lot more SWD’s this week and I was able to recognize this type of bug by myself.

Tuesday: I had to run some errands with one of my boss’ and then I checked my apple route that one of the salesmen assigned to me.

Wednesday: I checked part of the hop yard but wasn’t able to do all of it due to them spraying. And then I checked the south SWD traps.

Thursday: I sprayed my test plot and then scouted my fruit route that a salesmen assigned to me and I found a new disease that I haven’t found before called Gallmakers on leaves.

Friday: I scouted my veggie route that a salesmen assigned to me and then had walkthrough to go through the inventory that will be needed for the following week.

I am excited for next week and anxious to learn more!



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