Week 9 at CED All-Phase

This week at All-Phase we are presenting our projects department and warehouse to a contractor who has yet to utilize our service. Here in Grand Rapids we have created a service called Rapid Solutions, a service to contractors to receive, store, handle and deliver their material for a job. It is a great service to our contractors who are busy on job sites because it eliminates storage space they have to have either on the job site or in a different storage facility which would cost them money since ours is offered for free. If a manufacturer makes a mistake or the material is damaged in some way, we can catch it here in our facility instead of the contractor dealing with it on the job site. We also put our own labels on each product that helps the contractor determine the type. This service also eliminates packaging waste on the job site. As we store the material for the contractor they can let us know when they need the material and the quantity they need at that time. If they have a total of 180 fixtures and want 30 on Tuesday we will organize the product and get it to the job site. A large part of my internship has been to constantly update our storage tracker so we have an accurate count of products for each job. Currently in our warehouse we are storing over 30 active jobs. It’s been very cool and interesting experience to work with this service and to promote it more to contractors.


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