Week 9: GLPC

Harvest is in full-swing. We’re done processing sweets and have switched to tarts. The crop is large this year, but the harvesting crews go through the orchards based on a spray schedule and not necessarily on the quality of different orchards. Our first few days, we had too many hail-damaged cherries coming through, so we had to shut down processing for an afternoon. The nature of the industry is day-by-day; the next day, we had too many good cherries to handle and couldn’t keep up with making labels for buckets and pallets. We also had incoming deliveries from other companies that were way too early or late according to schedule, so we didn’t have enough docks to balance incoming and outgoing trucks. You learn to balance priorities; we also have injuries coming from the processing floor, mostly slips. Over time, I’m learning to constantly reassess my task list for order of importance.


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