Mondelez Week 6

Week 6 at Mondelez has been good! I started my week working with Brad, a full time order writer in Grand Rapids. I feel very confident in order writing now, and I wrote both of the orders to our Meijer stores this week.

On Wednesday, I got the opportunity to meet with 3 other interns in the area and with staff from Mondelez’s Meijer and SpartanNash customer teams. We met at the Grand Rapids Branch office, where much of the logistics are ran from. Here we got to learn about their jobs and how they got to where they are today, and learn about what customer relations are like between our company and the stores we sell our product in. I learned about the differences between the two customers, which is that Meijer is a chain (all stores look similar, prices are the same, etc) and Spartan is made of corporate, independent, and private stores. It is much more difficult to work with Spartan because they are so diversified! I learned how  and why products go on sale, how we increase or decrease shelf space, and how much money Mondelez makes on each product sold in the stores.  My favorite part was learning from Tom about his job as a Shelf Management Specialist. He works at the Meijer headquarters but is paid by Mondelez. He basically organizes and creates what the shelves and Meijer will look like a couple times a year. He has to add new product in, take old out, and make it look as enticing to the customer as possible. It has a lot to do with marketing and sales. I could definitely see myself in this position someday.

Next week, I am continuing getting order writing and merchandising experience in the Grand Rapids area. Hard to believe my internship is half way over!


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