Week 9 – TI Automotive

This week has been a short, but busy week for me. I was on vacation until Monday so I did not get back to work until Tuesday. For a majority of Tuesday, I spent my time responding to hundreds of emails from fellow TI Automotive employees across the globe. I also had to respond to many suppliers that did not understand why I needed them to send me certain information as well as several that did not understand how to fill out some of the forms. The reason this takes a while is not only due to the time difference between myself and people on the other side of the world, but also due to the language barrier. There are many times where I cannot decipher what someone is saying, or times when they do not understand what I am trying to say to them.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I took a day trip to one of our TI Automotive aftermarket plants and test facilities to tour the plants. It is always cool to see how the products I am helping to purchase are being assembled into larger products. It helps to better understand what and why I am purchasing certain parts.

Today I will be continuing working on a document to clean it up and fix it so that my purchasing department can make accurate spend forecasts for the future. Tomorrow I will be going with a few of the employees in my purchasing department to a supplier to meet and talk with them about possible future business with their company.


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