Week 9: Crop Production Services

Week 9 at Crop Production Services was a bit slow and boring. This week we did a lot of working around the facility and working in the shop helping out the mechanic. This week we had to do inventory for all of our product so we had to put a lot of the dry fertilizer into tender trucks and weigh them and then dump them back into the bins which took a while. Also, we had to clean up around the facility because the auditor that checks our inventory was coming to our location so we needed to make it look nice for when they got there. Monday I also attended a meeting around our shop were I listened to guys talk about different fungicides and many farmers attended that meeting to listen as well. This week I also scouted many fields were I looked for bugs and diseases as I scouted. The hot weather brings out many bugs in crops and we had to go around to many different farmers fields looking for corn root-worm beetles which can ruin a yield which no farmer wants that to happen. Working in the shop with our mechanic was a bit dirty because we had to take apart all the disks and arms on a twenty eight applicator and then put it all back together which took quiet awhile. We had to take everything apart then wash everything up and then wait for the parts to come then put it all back together which was a trick. I still am learning something new everyday which is a good thing and I am really enjoying my experience at Crop Production Services. I hope next week we get a little busier so we don’t have to find random things to do but I guess it’s that time of year when the agriculture companies are slow.


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