Week 9 at GreenStone FCS

Week 9 has been a very similar week to the previous few weeks of my summer. I have spent the majority of the time just searching for any remaining numbers that I can find in balance sheets, narratives, etc., to input into our peer comparison. Aside from this, I have helped out credit analysts in the corporate branch to get tax returns and balance sheets keyed into our system, which I enjoy doing, as it helps alleviate some of the workload that they are all currently dealing with. On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to spend the day out of the office with one of the lenders, visiting a large dairy construction site to inspect the progress. I thought that this was a very interesting opportunity to get to see what one of these large facilities looks like when it is in the progress of being built. We also visited another large dairy to do an initial application with the owners. Aside from visiting customers, we also went to the Ionia branch, where I had the opportunity to meet many of the employees, which has been one of the great things about GreenStone. This internship is very engaging as far as meeting employees and getting to know people within the company, which I think is a great way of building relationships as an intern.

Overall, this summer is going by very fast and it is getting down to the time where I am close to needing as much information for the peer comparisons as we can get. This tends to be a bit of a struggle to collect information from the analysts, because they are all very busy right now, but I am continuing to just get what I can. In the following week, we will also be going through a skills workshop for presentations, so that we can prepare to present our summer and all of the work that we have put in, to the executive team.



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