Week Seven Target

Today was an interesting day at the warehouse. A day that made me think a lot about life after Michigan State.

I sat down with my two other interns and one of our HR representatives Katie and we laid out the next few weeks. The part that came up that made me think was that we would know in just two weeks if we would get the internship or not.

It then hit me at that point that my future in Target was going to be decided in two weeks, if it had not been decided already. It made me start to evaluate my summer and if I had done a good enough job to get that job offer. But, it wasn’t just whether or not I had done a good enough job to get the job offer, it was whether or not I like the company enough to work for them.

I love warehousing, but I must start asking myself if I want to do it for a potential career. I have never done any other job other than warehousing in the summertime and therefore do not really know what else is out there.

But, to me it would seem that working for Target would be worth potentially doing warehouse for a small period of time. The hope for me is to have multiple offers (as with every other college student) so that I can have options to pick the best job suited for me.

These will not be easy decisions that I will have to make in the next couple months. But, I know that I will inevitably make the best choice for me and my life in general.

Tomorrow will be the first day that I will run the shift without any help at all. I hope that I can show the senior team what I am made of when given this level of responsibility.


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