Week 8: General Mills, Buffalo Plant

I only have two more work weeks until my final presentation and I am getting very anxious and excited. I am slightly nervous about my presentation simply because I did not do any number crunching and cost savings like the other interns probably did. My internship was much more focused on the leadership and people-skills part of the job. This is the way i wanted it because I would not be motivated to do a good job if I just had to sit and crunch numbers.

A lot of things are coming along. I was able to get a lot of orders in and clean up a lot of workspaces in the warehouse. The before and after pictures of all the stations are going to look very good on a presentation. The employees are also really happy with the changes that are being made. A lot of what I am doing now is process analysis and creating training documents. I also am coming up with some best practice documents that can be used by different employees to do a job in a more efficient way.

The internship is very fulfilling and I love learning about every little problem and how it gets resolved. I certainly am a curious person and I hope I stay that way.


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