Week 7: ADM

Week 7 in Columbus was packed with exciting and interesting things. The office was cut down to three people due to the other half being on vacation. This presented an opportunity for me to step up my responsibilities and immerse myself more in day to day operations. My main responsibility this week was coordinating the movement of all import/export containers. During the three days I was in charge, I moved about 200 containers in and out of Columbus. Some were inbound containers ready to be loaded with grain, and some were going out to Asian countries. It was amazing to be able to see the countries on my list and think how everything is connected.

For the most part, I was doing the rail billing and bookings for orders. I had to be in contact with Norfolk Southern who moves all of our containers. From Columbus, they are sent via train to export terminals where they are loaded onto vessels. I have to say this has been my favorite week of my internship. I really enjoy logistics and never thought I would be doing some of the stuff I am doing now. Besides that, I am now proficient with the programs we use to handle customers and was very good at explaining the markets. Fortunately, Derek, one of the full time merchandisers, was able to help me out still whenever I had questions.

On Thursday, me and 4 other interns visiting from Decatur for auditing went out to dinner as well. It was great to see everyone and realize how different all of our experiences have been. The senior auditor, Matt, was going to audit places in Puerto Rico (my hometown) and me and him set up to go at the same time in order for me to visit ADM facilities back there as well as show him PR from a local’s standpoint. There are about 5 more weeks left in the internship, and I do not necessarily want to go back to school.


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