Week 6: Frito Lay

I am working on improving and making a more consistent on boarding process for the Detailer position. The Detailer mainly works nights and weekends are restocks the shelves. I used the checklist that they already having for the Full Time Merchandiser position and edited and changed it to fit the Detailer position. I also edited the 30-60-90 day forms that we had for the Route Sales Representative position and made them for the Full Time Merchandiser position and the Detailer position. These forms will be used at 30-60-90 days and will help evaluate their progress. This week I worked with a Full Time Merchandiser and a Detailer and it was a great experience. I learned about their positions and I learned that communication can be improved between the District Sales Leader, Route Sales Representative and Detailer and to make sure that the information gets communicated to everyone. There are some people that were recently hired and I hope that we will get to use the 30-60-90 day forms with them.


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