Road trip to Ottawa!

The 9-hour drive to Ottawa was so worth it for the GEC team! We started our week with a live broadcast on roger TV on Tuesday and CTV on Wednesday. These were great live session where the Ontario got to see the Greenhouse Education Center and Alexis a dietitian at Loblaws shared very helpful insight on how to cook with #Fresh, #local, #Greenhouse, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and bell peppers.

The thing I love most about my job is meeting new people, and sharing how NatureFresh™ grows its produce. Ottawa made this trip much more special simply because customers were very passionate about learning where there food is grown, who is growing it and how it is being grown. If you’re from Ontario you know what a flavorful tomato is. I talked to a customer who was against hydroponic growing methods because the produce was flavorless. So I kindly explained how tomatoes get their flavor:

  1. Nutrients: Tomatoes are a product of the nutrient that they are fed via the soil they are in or like NatureFresh tomatoes the nutrients fed through the water to the plant. If you want a flavorful tomato make sure you have all the nutrients it needs.
  2. Temperature: constant temperature is best for growing tomatoes. At NatureFresh™ we have optimal growing conditions for plants, by keeping a constant temperature in the winter we can grow tomatoes 10 months out of the year without losing a bit of flavor!
  3. Sunlight: Sunlight maximizes photosynthesis in tomatoes, allowing the plants to make carbohydrates that are turned into flavor components like sugars and acids. At NatureFresh™ we use all natural sunlight to grow our Ontario grown tomatoes and peppers.

So weather you like a sweet or acidic flavored tomato its essential to know how your produce is being grown. It is always a great feeling when we can sample NatureFresh™ Tomz™ snacking tomatoes and people love them. Next time you are in a store that carries Tomz™ pick a few try every color and find your favorite!



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