Week 10 AgroLiquid

This week at AgroLiquid I travelled to North Dakota with a Sales Account Manager and a Field Agronomy Manager. We spent the entire week going around with one of our retail partners meeting with growers about the products that we sell answering any questions that they may have. We scouted several different types of crops including corn, winter wheat, soybeans, sunflowers, and many more.  Being a Fertilizer company, we were really interested in how our fertilizer compared in production to our competitor’s product. A few of the things that I really wasn’t used to being from Michigan was the amount of ground the farmers covered in the Northwest and the yield they received on their acreage. An average yield for one of the farmers in his wheat fields were around 45 bushels per acre, this is less than half of the yield that most farmers in my area receive. Soils in the Northwest are much lighter and sandier, which makes them worse at holding moisture, and other essentials for crop growth. I learned a lot from both of the people I travelled with. It was amazing how well our Sales Account Manager spoke with the customer and the retail partner. But it was even more amazing when our Field Agronomy Manager spoke to our customers about what was happening with our fertilizer and how the plant was able to use the fertilizers for food. I learned a lot from both of these guys and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity presented to me by AgroLiquid.


Jacob Schmitt


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