Mondelez Week 5

Week 5 at Mondelez has been another great one. This week, I primarily got trained on our tablets that are used for writing orders in our stores. I was trained on how much product to order for our delivery days, what products to order, and how to know what to order-depending on whether they are fast sellers or not.

My first day we wrote a delivery at Meijer in Cedar Springs, MI. Meijer is our largest store, usually getting 3 deliveries a week consisting of 150-300 cases of product, which is roughly 5400 individual pieces of product a week. I was first taught how to look at the shelf to see if it needed specific products. This is dependent on if the product sells well or is a slow seller. Then we looked at the Meijer ad to see what was on sale that week. Chips Ahoy and snack crackers were both on sale, so we made sure to order quite a bit extra of those products. Last I learned how to work our tablets that we write orders on. Then we went on to walmart and Leppinks (a small Spartan store in Howard City). Each store was different in their own way. Some products sell great in one store and horrible in another, and you have to account for that.

Each day was similar to this, going to multiple stores a day in the Grand Rapids area. In 2 weeks, I will be filling in for a full time order writer who will be on vacation. I feel ready and up for the challenge!


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