General Mills – Week 6

This week has felt like the longest week yet. Looking back on it, I do not think that I had one dull moment. The end of this week marks the halfway point of my internship with General Mills. This means that we are getting closer to our “All Intern” presentations. We present in three weeks from now and it is extremely important that we have our final recommendations finished by next week. In the beginning of this project, our group struggled. With a group that has 10 leaders, it is very hard to get things done. Everyone wants to share their input and stand out. This week was a great turning point for us. We were able to divide our project into three different segments after collecting our research. We split our group up evenly into sub groups. Because of this, the smaller group sizes allowed for us to specialize in one thing and move forward with recommendations.


To add to all the stress from my group project, I have a huge presentation due on Monday for my individual project. The most challenging part of this week was determining when to prioritize my individual project or my group project. For my individual project, I drafted up my outline on Microsoft PowerPoint. My presentation is for the Financial Trade Advisory Group and the objective is to deliver my updated research that I have gained on competitive information. I will be recommending my solution for creating the best process to ensure consistency and efficiency with the flow of competitive insight from the field to the headquarters.


Finally, I ended my week with positive news! I met with my manager and my mentor and we went over my mid-internship evaluation form. I received “meets expectations” on 2 out of the 5 categories and I received “exceeds expectations” on the other 3. This is really great news because personally, I feel like I am not doing the best job on my project. My manager reassured me that I am doing a wonderful job and that the projects are designed to be extremely challenging. The feedback that I got was that I am really resilient and I have the ability to adapt quickly to change. Overall, it was a successful week and I am looking forward to my final presentations.


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