Week 8: TI Automotive

Week 8 has been a quick one. I only had a three day week as I will be on vacation until next Tuesday. It has been busy, though. I have been emailing all 100 or so buyers in our entire company in every location across the globe. I have been requesting for them to let me know which suppliers they are still the lead buyer of and which suppliers that we do not do business with anymore so that I can eliminate them from our database. This is all in an effort to clean up our very clustered and large supplier list database.

I have also been searching our suppliers websites for Quality and Environmental Certifications. This is very important information to see the status of our suppliers and whether or not they are healthy.

Today, I sat in with our Fluid Carrying Systems North America Purchasing team during a meeting with one of our suppliers to get more experience. This is very cool to see how our buyers discuss prices of parts with our suppliers and attempt to get more savings.


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