Week 8: Msu Corporate Kitchen

Week 8 has been a very stressful but productive week. This week we continued to make our product for all the Sparty’s on campus. Production has been increased due to the upcoming event call Green and White days. This is one of our biggest events for the summer. We set up shop outside Wells Hall with the Msu Food Truck and serve 1,200 people a day for 5 days. With that kind of an event, we have tons of prep this week for next week. Whether that be procuring the food items to be sold to getting tents and vehicles set into place for the event. It really has taught me to plan ahead and be ready for just about anything. In other news, we have started planning for the fall and for new staff to be on-boarded. We sat down to discuss new training procedures and kitchen procedures this week with my HR staff member and managers. Looking forward to next week we plan to have all things ready and prepared to go. Should be a stressful but rewarding week and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.


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