Week 8 at GreenStone FCS

It has been another week at GreenStone very similar to my previous weeks, as far as duties go. I have been continuously contacting analysts to get any numbers that I do not have available, which has been a bit of a struggle, as they tend to have other more pressing tasks to take care of. This struggle is good though, as it is giving me real world experience communicating with people and working to get information from them. This week I also sat in on a conference call for all of the Commercial Lending Unit, in which I was put on the spot to discuss the progress that I have made on the different peer comparisons.

Monday we got to have a little fun out of the office, as we went to the Lugnuts game for the day. The Dairy Team won a competition, and this was our reward. It was a great way to get out of the office and talk to different employees in a more relaxed and casual setting. I think that different events like this for the employees is a great way to promote engagement and build relationships within the company. Thus far, I have found that GreenStone tends to do a great job in getting employees involved in a number of events that help promote this, and I truly believe that it has a very positive impact on the work environment here and adds to the close-knit culture of the company.


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