Week 8: TechSmith

Every other week I have sit down with my Intern Manager to discuss things that are coming up, how I’ve been doing as of late and anything that I may have questions about. Two weeks ago in my meeting me and my manager discussed the lack of communication between the current customer solutions team. We talked about reasons why this may be and also something that had been implemented by other teams in the past. At the end of this talk we decided that we would take it upon ourselves to spear head a solution to this process. After reviewing many different options to solve this problem I decided that using the Internet application Flowdock would be the best solution for this problem. I was very familiar with this program as I had used it with several other non-team members for general communication in the workplace. Seeing this as an area were I had some experience I created a presentation to discuss the pros and cons of this application as well as some good usage cases for our team. Today I presented the idea in our Customer Solutions team huddle. I was tasked with presenting my current uses of the product and fielding the many questions that team members had regarding implementation. I was able to convince the team to go ahead and try this application our for a month to see if they saw this as a good solution. I was very excited about getting the chance to make a difference for the team and potentially solve some long lasting problems we all have been experiencing. I will be taking criticisms and comments from team members in the upcoming weeks and will report back my findings in future blog posts.


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