Week 7: General Mills, Buffalo Plant

Gosh I wish this week did not go by so quick. I have so much work to do with only three weeks left until my final presentation at head quarters. My project is starting to ramp up a lot and I feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done. I will have enough time, I can just feel the pressure now.

So this week I got to spend some time with the employees on third shift so I could learn about how the warehouse is different at night. I like the third shift employees because they are younger and have a good spirit about the work. They gave me a lot of insight about their opinions on the management at the plant and I value that information. I would like to go into management one day and my worst fear would be to fall into the trap of caring about numbers more than people. I hope I never have to see this problem because I hold my values close to me.

I continue to learn more and more about unions and the culture is very interesting. The way employees view their work is based on seniority and fairness with the contract as opposed to competence and skill. The employees at Buffalo do have a lot of skill and they know their jobs very well, but the environment is not very motivating. I’ve noticed that employees try to get out of doing extra work if they can avoid it.


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