Week 8 at Herman Miller

This week has been a very positive one! The fourth of July was great and Herman Miller allowed their employees to enjoy both Monday and Tuesday off for the holiday and paid. While everyone has been enjoying a shorter work week, I was pleased to be welcomed back to some good news about our intern project – a great start. We are moving on to the data analysis of our survey.

We, as an intern class, all took an evaluation called StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Gallup. It provides a series of two statements in which you have to pick between the two which one better describes you. Sometimes both statements can reflect the participant, though, only one can be chosen. After the questioning, five of the participants strengths are presented. Mine are Harmony, Analytical, Focus, Significance, and Achiever. StrengthFinder 2.0 notes that many people could be better off if they focused more on dominating and using their strong suites rather than strengthening their weaknesses. Therefore, it provides the strengths, their definitions, what type of jobs one could flourish in, and what type of relationships could form with opposing-minded people.

My strengths suggest working and making a network, having an analysis portion of my work, keeping processes and people efficient, and pushing projects forward. After I thought and considered my results, I did think these were true and applicable to my professional life. I plan to consider these while I make decisions on what my next steps are, where I should place myself.


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