Week 7- Wilbur Ellis

I finished week 7 at Wilbur Ellis and am still loving and enjoying the job and the people I work for. This week was a busy week because of the holiday on Monday that I received off. So because I had the day off, I had to fit in my Monday duties somewhere within the rest of the week and it was hard because everyday is a jammed packed day. From morning to closing time I am busy trying to finish all my tasks. One thing I was amazed with was how much change and growth can happen within a week with the fields and orchards.

Here’s how my past week has gone:

Monday: Holiday, day off

Tuesday: Helped in the office the first part of the morning then went and checked my north SWD traps. I had to leave early from checking my traps to go to the other office within our branch to help them mail out month ends.

Wednesday: I finished my north SWD traps and then checked my south SWD traps. After that, I went to the hop yard I scout to spray my test plot with one of the salesmen thats helping me out with it.

Thursday: I started checking my fruit route but then was asked to drive to our other location near Grand Rapids to pick up a work truck so that’s what I did for the remaining part of the day.

Friday: I finished my fruit route then had walk through to go over the chemicals and materials needed for the upcoming week. After walk through I was able to go witness wheat being harvested.

It was a very busy but successful week full of learning and new experiences so I am excited to see what next week will hold!


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