Week 7: Crop Production Services

This week at Crop Production Services was fairly busy and short. Tuesday was the first work day this week because of the 4th of July but all of Tuesday I had to scout fields and was taking tissue samples of four different customers fields. I also drove around and checked out a couple of different fields just to be scouted to see if there was any diseases taking place in them which I found. In some of the soybean fields I scouted Tuesday I found spider mites which are very tiny and can ruin your yields. Later in the week I went to Auburn for a Crop Production Services internship meeting at the head office where I learned about two different fungicides that will help farmers improve their yields and will stop some diseases from ruining their crops like white mold. At the meeting us interns were challenged to sell at least five hundred acres to farmers of these two different fungicides and we can win some prizes at the end of the summer which I found to be something  pretty challenging and cool to do. Thursday I did some more scouting in fields for different farmers and did some more tissue samplings but I couldn’t find many diseases like I did on Tuesday. I also went around to different test plots that we did this past spring and pounded in signs for the test plots at three different farmers test plots. Friday we were pretty slow so I helped out around the shop because we didn’t have many fields to scout today and we worked on some broken equipment from the spring and we got some 28 applicators back which we worked on to make them work right for next season. This week has been a good, short week and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.


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