Week 7 at Stryker Medical

Already in the home stretch of this summer internship, the opportunity of full time conversion is getting more and more serious. I have completed some projects and gotten feedback from my team. I have spoken to the HR University Recruiter last Friday and we had a great discussion about full time conversion and the different locations of Stryker that I have interned at. We weighed the pros and cons of going to Florida vs staying in Kalamazoo.

The team in Florida is like family. Everyone in Materials and Logistics got along and laughed all day long but still managed to get their work done. In Kalamazoo, the team is similar, but I would say the team in Florida took me in more. The facilities and the connections in Kalamazoo are obviously unparalleled. Kalamazoo is the global headquarters of Stryker Corporation, so the biggest names in Stryker are located here or visit here relatively often. The position that I would be offered in both locations would be very similar and the salary would be very similar as well. In Kalamazoo however, I would be able to live with my parents for another year or two which could save me a considerable amount of money in the long term. In Florida, I would be close to the ocean and always have sunlight which makes me incredibly happy even on my worst days. There are so many factors to consider when thinking about a full time job. Talking about full time conversion is an incredibly real and scary feeling, however it is also very excited and I am so thankful to be starting this next stage of my life.

This week at Stryker has been relatively average work wise. I have been spending the bulk of my time communicating to get information before I can actually analyze data or do any work. On the other hand, this week has been so excited because of the talk of possibility of full time employment. This side of negotiation and strategy in terms of my full time position is a position that I have never been put in. I am very glad to be here and experience this internship.


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