Week 7: AgroLiquid

This week was an especially short week because of the Fourth of July Holiday. We started work on Wednesday and we worked a lot on the AgroExpo Grounds on Farm 12. Me and a few of the other interns finished planting the rest of our twenty six different vegetables for Vegetable town. I also worked with irrigation quite a bit on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I worked most on building several of my SSCDS canisters for AgroExpo. Lately, work has slowed down a little bit. We are starting to apply more fertilizers to plants and do more testing. I backpack sprayed some tomatoes on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing how our sprays stack up against our competitors. I have enjoyed working this week, it was a really nice week only being three days. It has been pretty nice being able to take more time to maintain our crops rather than putting them into the ground and running to the next research plot. We have also been able to start working more extensively with research and how we are going to apply fertilizers to crops and their responses to these fertilizers. Next week is a really important week for me as I head to North Dakota to look at some different crops and meet with growers with a Sales Account Manager. I am looking forward to learning more about AgroLiquid and their products.


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