Week Five Target

Wow! I am already in week five of the internship. The more days go by, the more responsibilities that I have to take over.

This by far was the busiest and craziest day of the internship. It all started when we had walked in to a very messy work area that we were going to have to clean up before we could complete any of the first shift work.

After the second shift work was cleaned up, we have to sort through the priority material and there was a larger amount of priority than usual that we had to find a way to process.

The staffing that Aaron and I had to go through was rather difficult making sure that we had the right people in the right places to make sure the material was going to flow. My job for the day was to float around the outbound area of the warehouse and help out in any way that I was able to.

I had tasks to complete anywhere from sorting the mezzanine’s freight to throwing cartons from the carts onto the conveyor and down the line. It was about 90 degrees in the warehouse, you’d be amazed how fast you can break out in a sweat throwing those cartons of material.

The day flew by as expected because we were so busy. We were able to meet the expectation for the percentage of priority material out and I learned a valuable lesson.

What I would take away from this day the most is that this is the effort that I will have to put in on a daily basis to make sure the shift will flow as smoothly as possible. Almost ten miles traveled in the day, I left the warehouse feeling satisfied that my hard work contributed to the needs of the business and helped us be successful for this day.


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