Week 7 Saginaw Bay Farms

This week was another short week because of the Fourth-of July holiday weekend.  I spent this week crop scouting all of the sugar beets and soybeans.  The crops are so big and everything looks really happy.  I have also been driving by the wheat fields checking on the color to indicate when it is mature.  It looks like the wheat is almost ready to harvest and it is looking very good.  In the beginning when I was doing stand counts of the wheat I was very worried about a couple of the fields, they really did not have solid stand counts but I was proved wrong, everything looks great!

Planting pickles is ready to begin.  All of the equipment has been checked over and has been fixed if it was broken.  I feel like with pickles this is kind of the testing moment for myself and for my boss to see what I have learned over the course of these past couple months.  I will be starting from point one with these pickle plants, doing stand counts.  After they mature a bit more I will be checking very closely for any diseases and weeds.  When the pickles reach a certain height I will be very focused on the size of the plants, they all have to be exactly the same height.  If they are not we have a problem that needs to be corrected fast.  These pickles go to McDonald’s which makes them extra picky on the sizes.  If the pickles are just a little bit to big they are no good anymore.

I am very nervous for pickles because of how strict everything is on their growth.  I know that my boss will help me through it and I will learn a lot.  I have never been around pickle planting all the way to harvest so I am very excited to see this process.



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