General Mills – Week 5

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

We were blessed with two paid days off at General Mills this week (Monday & Tuesday). Even though it was a short week, there was still a lot of work to be done. Ironically, this week has been one of the most stressful weeks for me at General Mills.

I “hit a brick wall” in my project and now I have to do a little backtracking. With my “Competitive Trade Analysis” project, I am responsible for pinpointing information sources, complying with governmental law, analyzing data, and ultimately creating a process to transfer, store, and make available information for the General Mills team. Since my project revolves around trade, information is more confidential, harder to acquire, and most competitive information is actually illegal to have. This creates a big problem in my project. The information I am looking for is extremely hard to receive and if it is acquired, this information is not being communicated to the appropriate people. To innovate, I am looking into some of the tools that are already available at General Mills. I am trying to analyze operator and distributor data to see if there are any clues to competitors trade spending.

On a side note, I had a really great meeting with a woman in supply chain. She is on the indirect sourcing team with General Mills. I met with her because I am interested in exploring different career opportunities within General Mills. I am extremely passionate about sustainability and agriculture. General Mills has a few growth opportunities in their sustainable sourcing department that I might be interested in pursuing a career in.

Overall, it was a fast but eventful week. Next week will mark the “half waypoint” of my internship. I cannot believe that I am already this far! I could really see myself working for General Mills after I graduate. The company has so much room for growth and they have possible careers in everything that I am passionate about doing. I said this before but I want to say it again: “I confidently believe that the world is a better place with General Mills in it.”


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