Week 6: Smithfield Production Division

This past week has been very different form the other weeks, during this week I audited and also worked at my finishing farm. I went to Summerset 8, which is probably one largest farms in Smithfield and in the World. Summerset 8 farm contains a radius of 30 miles and they have around 75,000 pigs. It took me and 4 interns 2 days to inspect the farms for the audit. This was very interesting not only because of its size, but because we saw the differences between contact farms and company farms. The farm structure was completely different from the other company farms. The farms where still efficient and well but they did not have as much technology as the other farms. The next day we head to the office in Waverly Virginia so that we got with the other interns so that we can plan our presentation. The head veterinary and directors of the north region gave us instructions of what they wanted on the presentation. One of the main ideas in the project is to give feedback on the company on their weaknesses, and also compare company farms to contract farms. There are also other aspects that the presentation will have like statistics and certain farms that are important to be mentioned, like some exceptional farms and other farms that even failed the audit. They also wanted to know about our opinions on the farms and the problems that we have encountered. After speaking with our superiors we started to work on our presentation and gather all the data that we have worked on our audits. Finally on Thursday and Friday we were sent back to our farms where I regularly treat the pigs and check their food on all the barns. Almost every day is the same in the finisher, except when we have to do maintenance which is often. I began to improve more on my farm and become faster and more effective since I am more familiar to the equipment and procedures that we do every day. I am glad to say that so far I have helped my farm and I have a good relationship with the workers. Knowing another language has helped me communicate effectively with other Hispanic workers and I have translated and helped farm managers communicate with their workers better.


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