Week 6- Wilbur Ellis

I wrapped up 6 weeks with Wilbur Ellis on Friday and I cannot believe it’s been that long already. I have learned so much in that amount of time and am continuing learning new things each and every day I am there. I have a pretty consistent schedule now, which makes it nice because I know exactly what I need to do when I get to work every morning. I found red spider mite for the first time this week and I found 3 SWD’s in my blueberry traps.

Here’s a recap of my past week:

Monday: Checked SWD traps where I found 3 females.

Tuesday: Scouted my apple route for one of the salesmen.

Wednesday: Checked my SWD traps down south then sprayed my test plot in the hops yard.

Thursday: Scouted my fruit  route for one of the salesmen and this is when I found the red spider mites.

Friday: Scouted my veggie route for a salesmen then had a meeting at 2:30 to go over the intern schedules for next week.

This week has been very good and I am excited to see what new things I will learn next week!


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