Week 6 Saginaw Bay Farms

This week I only worked a few days because of the holiday weekend.  My boss let me have an extra long weekend since I am living far away from home, making the trip worth it.

For the few days I did work, I continued on the same duties I have been covering.  Doing the surveying of fields, adding ditch lines onto the auto steer, and then finding the lowest points in the field to put in tile.  The soybeans and sugar beets are now much to tall and full to take the four wheeler into, so I have been finishing up on the bare fields that are going to be pickles.

With these couple days off my boss wanted me to set up a job shadow at any company I can get into.  I plan on going for a half day, one day next week wherever I can get into.  I have a friend that graduated from Michigan State last year who works at Citizens.  I am hoping to get a job shadow in there with him.  In doing this job shadow my boss hopes I get a feel for the company working atmosphere and also so I can get in the fields and do a little crop scouting with a professional.  He really wants me to start being able to identify weeds at different stages so that when it comes time to scout the pickles I can have a very good idea of the issues we have going on.  The pickles are the most specific and important crop which is going to take a lot of extra attention.

What I am really loving about this internship is my boss really wants me to learn everything.  He is giving me these options to go set up a job shadow somewhere else so I am getting the feel for everything and learning as much as I can.


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