Week 6: Crop Production Services

This week at Crop Production we had much to do. Early this week I was helping tend a applicator who was spraying corn and soybeans with roundup to kill all the weeds in our customers fields. Also, earlier in the week I got a chance to help out in the liquid building loading trucks and I am starting to get the hang of how to load tender trucks now. I also worked with our mechanic on many customers 28 applicators they use to apply 28 to their crops. The applicators were breaking many of their cylinders that lift the whole applicator up and down and many of our customers were breaking the nozzels the 28 comes out of. Later in the week, I had to go to Michigan State Weed day and learn about how different chemicals work on crops and what new chemicals they are coming out with next year which I found interesting. While at MSU I saw a lot of familiar faces that I go to school with and it was interesting to see where people are working and how they are liking their summers. I also went to the Dekalb plant to learn about different seeds and how good or bad they do in different soils. Also, I learned about Monsanto’s new program they are coming out with and how it will help increase yields and make a better crop. I also went to a wheat day where all the interns in the area had to pick all the different variety wheat plants out of a six acre field. The farmer got two different kinds of seed for his wheat and so we had to go through and pick out the different wheat seed that got planted. There were fifteen of us interns which took about four hours to do six acres of wheat. I had a busy but fulfilling week.


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