Week 5: SpartanNash

This week at SpartanNash I was most left to my own devises since my supervisor and his assistant were in Omaha Nebraska helping with store grand openings. This gave me the chance to try and organize and pace myself throughout the week to try and see what sort of workload I could handle. I was left with several tasks on Monday to complete by the end of the week and I have them pretty much wrapped up. They include tracking and recording competitor ads and sale prices and also working on my big ad surveys project that were sent to all of our stores to make sure that our items are being displayed properly. We also got to go on a few retail tours and check out the different bannered stores that we operate. One that stuck out to me was our D&W Brenton Village store in East Grand Rapids. What a beautiful store, it went through a $3 million remodel and carries a tremendous line of organic produce and just a fantastic selection of fresh items from Meat, Seafood, Deli and Bakery. The store is doing very well and sales are double digits over this time last year. Tending to our customers needs and wants and closely following industry trends are really starting to pay off huge for our company and I am very excited to be a part of it.


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