Week 6 MMPA

This week I got the opportunity to travel to and tour the processing plant that MMPA owns in Ovid, MI. This is near St. Johns on US-127. The tour consisted of first going to the waste water treatment plant that they utilize for their plant. The plant takes a lot of the waste water from Ovid and the surrounding areas and treats it so that it is able to used to wash trucks, equipment, and it used in bathrooms. The plant itself receives about five million pounds of milk per day and turns that milk into butter and raw whole milk for bottling. It also has the ability to separate the whey from the milk and then be left with skim milk. Machines can also take the milk and make powders and condensed milk products. The plant is very large and is a very good asset for the company as it allows greater versatility and decreased costs of making raw milk into a value added product. While I was there I had to train the staff on how to use a scanning machine that allows the Ovid workers to scan weight sheets in as the milk is unloaded from the trucks so that they can keep better track of the milk being received. This also helps the workers in Novi as it saves them a lot time as the Ovid plant can receive 200+ weight tickets per day.


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