Week 6 Green Valley Ag.

The early season varieties of blueberries are beginning to ripen which means SWD and blueberry maggot traps should be set out. Blueberry maggots have have a 1 year life cycle. They overwinter in the soil as pupa then emerge as flies in late June. Females will lay eggs in the ripe fruit as they begin to ripen and within five days the eggs will hatch. Larvae feed on a single berry then drop to the ground to complete the cycle over again. To combat these pests, farmers should begin spraying late June or depending on what type of variety they have. Spraying Guthion, Malathion, and Imidan work best. SWD ( Spotted Winged Drosophila) can have as many as 10 generations per year, which is why it is very easy for an infestation to occur if not controlled. To control these insects farmers should begin spraying once they see their fruit beginning to turn purple. Then apply another application every 7-10 days until the crop is done being harvested which is usually a 3 week time span for a single variety. The organophosphate insecticides are a good choice to control SWD.


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