Week 6- Coca-Cola

Week 6 is going by quickly! I had to do some customer visits with the new UFC barrels. I visited some Speedways and talked to some managers. I have found that Speedways are  in general cleaner and more friendly than other gas/convenience stores in the Lansing area. I felt like store/management of some stores forget how important relationships are with vendors. For example a local convenience chain is consistently not friendly to me or co-workers. I remember this and will not be likely to enjoy shopping at one of their many locations. Relationships matter, especially in business. Relationships are mutually beneficial more than likely so be nice and find ways to help each other out! I am glad Speedway employs good people who are helpful! I also saw my friend who is interning at Speedway during one of my visits.

In addition we had an audit at our Lansing facility. They were auditing for inventory and things that had to do with trucks. I did not have much to do with this because the beginning of my week was busy. Everyone is stressed out because of the holiday. The orders are huge and truck drivers and sales are working hard to make sure there is enough product for demand in every store. My boss told me that he got 32 “restless sleep” notifications on his fit bit due to the demand.

I have been working at Coca-Cola for around six months now. I am making great relationships and continuously learning how the business works. I am thankful that I am able to sustain this employment during the school year. I am also thankful that I am able to gain more responsibility with time. My co-workers trust me now and I feel a part of the team. Not everyday is glamorous but the people make it worth it.



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