Week 6 at Neogen

This past week here at Neogen has been pretty busy and packed. One of our territory managers on the Milling & grain division is out on paternity leave for the entire week so a lot of his responsibilities have fallen to me and my other two teammates. I have been filling out order after order of testing strips and testing material such as pipettors, filter syringes, testing tubes, shaker cups, grinders, and testing strips. As I stated last week, this is the season of wheat and cereal grain harvest so my customer are very busy testing their products before putting them out on the market. A lot of the customers that I oversee are grain elevators and not farmers, so a lot of their grain comes from across the country on train cars to their facilities. The grain must be tested before entering the facility as according to the rules of many of my accounts. While it is cheaper to not test some of the grains that come in, but you also run the huge risk of selling contaminated product which can be a huge blow to the company and their sales. It’s definitely better to play it safe rather than risk saving small amounts of money for losing huge amounts later on.

I am currently still working on my upgrade project alongside filling orders for our accounts. This project has been ongoing for a month and a half now and we anticipate it ending soon. We have recruited people from other divisions to help us out with this project and get it finished quickly. I’m starting to get a little annoyed by this project and I’m going to be very happy once we finish this once and for all. I’m ready to start new projects, but I feel I’m going to have to ask my boss to give me things to do since this has been consuming a lot of my time here, and I will have lots of free time when this is over.


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