Week Six: AgroLiquid

This is now my eighth week at AgroLiquid and this week has been entirely different than the past few. This week I am the only Horticulture intern who did not go traveling with the company. I have been working this week more with irrigation and some of the equipment. It has been a pretty cool change from the usual work I have been doing.  I worked with one of the full time employees today and we worked on our underground drip tape irrigation system. This is a system that runs plastic hoses with tiny holes underground to irrigate the crops planted above it. You may not see this system very often because of how expensive it is. However, this system is extremely efficient at delivering not only water, but even fertilizer directly to the plant roots. When most people think of irrigation they think of center pivots, or linear overhead pumps, these types of irrigation are 70% less efficient than an underground drip irrigation system. The difference is that most of the water being used by center pivots or linear overhead pumps is the amount of evaporation that occurs through these types of watering.  I have also been working on my SSCDS project throughout the week but I am starting to get squeezed for time which is starting to make me quite nervous because it needs to be ready for AgroExpo.  I am continuing to learn more and more each week I spend out at the NCRS.

Jacob Schmitt


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