Target Week Four

As I begin week four of this internship, I have noticed how fast the time has gone. The 1.4 million square foot warehouse doesn’t seem that big to me anymore and the faces that once were strangers to me are now my friends.

But, what I love about Target the most is the people I have had the opportunity to connect with. In past jobs, I have felt like maybe my co-workers are trying to spite me and lead me into making mistakes. With Target, it has been nothing but questions being answered and suggestions on how to do certain things in the quickest and easiest manner.

I had the opportunity this week to meet with our General Manager’s boss named Marvin. At first I was intimidated by the man being with the company for now a quarter of a century, but then I realized how approachable he was to talk to. He took an interest in us as interns and wanted to know why we chose to come and work for Target.

Marvin gave us one piece of advice that will stick with me for the rest of my life. He told us to work hard every single day even if the boss you work for does not always acknowledge the right things you do. He referred to the concept of having a fire in your heart to drive yourself past the competition and be a leader by taking the time and doing the right thing. Marvin’s message spoke to me because sometimes it is the blood, sweat and tears that will allow us to reach the next steps in life.

The one thing that I cannot stress enough is that even if it is your co-worker or the United States manager of warehousing, all of the people who I have encountered at Target are approachable and want to have a conversation with you.


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