Week 6 at Cropwatch.

This week’s theme seems to be a game called “Is it a disease or not?” Some corn fields are about five feet tall, which means moisture can be kept in the lower parts of the plant for a good part of the day, creating a suitable environment for diseases to develop. However, apart from diseases, there are numerous other things in a field which look very similar. Things like wind, hail, or mechanical damage all could be mistaken as a disease such as leaf spot.

On top of diseases we have also gone through the first generation of corn borer larvae, and have even found some western cut worm eggs. This is a reminder of the ever constant threat to our fields and our industry.

Whenever I see a disease, a weed, or a larvae I also see a dollar sign. Every threat and solution has a price. Farmers need to weigh the price to fix the problem, with the predicted end profit in order to make the proper decision. Luckily things like insurance can help lighten this burden, but it is still one that would be tough to deal with.


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