Wilbur Ellis- Week 5

I finished my fifth week with Wilbur Ellis today and I am amazed at how fast time is flying by! I was reflecting at the past month earlier this week and I am truly impressed with how much information I’ve learned and how with each week I am getting more and more comfortable with scouting and identifying pests and diseases. My team at Wilbur Ellis is truly a class A team. They are such an awesome contact and resource to seek help from.

I have been on my own all this week scouting fruits and veggies. Fruits I am getting more and more comfortable with identifying diseases and pests. Vegetables is what I am struggling with currently, however today when I scouted them I was much more comfortable than last week. Today, I just continued texting pictures to the salesmen I was scouting for and he was able to tell me if it was a problem or not. The only way you’ll learn is by asking questions and the team I’m with are so helpful when it comes to that. I am finally looking forward to scouting vegetables because now I actually have some kind of understanding of what some diseases and pests are in certain crops.

Next week will be another busy week and I am looking forward to I’ll learn!


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