Week 5: Meijer

This week at my internship was very interesting. I participated in the Meijer Intern Road Show. This road show included taking tours at many different buildings and facilities that the Meijer Corporation operates out of. I was given the opportunity to see a Meijer distribution center, the Meijer downtown Grand Rapids office, the Meijer planogram operation simulation store, and the Meijer flagship store. All of these experiences were unique.

In the first part of the road show I experienced the downtown Meijer office. This office is a located downtown Grand Rapids. The building is called GRid 70. This building houses many different non-competing companies that work together to innovate their own businesses. This is very interesting to see how these companies work together to create stronger business practices. One of the things that Meijer does in its downtown office is they do Meijer store brand product blind testing. Meijer has a product innovation kitchen where they conduct tests on their own branded food as well as name brand and competitors brands. This kitchen serves as a way for the company to make sure they are competing well in the industry.

The second stop on the intern’s road show was the Meijer distribution center in Lansing. It was very interesting and eye opening to see how big this facility is and how much product flows in and out of this facility at all times.  The facilities in whole are over 900,000 square feet. We started our distribution facility tour inside the General Merchandise warehouse. This facility holds all products that are in Meijer stores and that are not food items. This building was very automated and insanely huge.  The second part of the distribution tour was of the produce facility. This facility is refrigerated and is completely human operated. This facility is a madhouse of movement. The building is essentially filled up every single day with produce and emptied by the end of each day. It was interesting to see how a facility of this type operates daily.

The third stop in my intern road show was to the Meijer Planogram Simulation Store. This Meijer facility is located next store to the Meijer Corporate office. The Meijer planogram room is a complete set up of an actual Meijer store but no buying activity takes place. This facility is used by Meijer buying teams and vendors to help illustrate how a store is going to be set up before they do it. This is a great tool for Meijer.

The last stop in the tour is the Meijer Knapp’s Corner Flagship store. This store is located in the outskirts of Grand Rapids and is very updated and has some of the most current Meijer technologies and designs. It was interesting to see where Meijer is planning on moving their stores forward to.


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