Week 5- Coyote

The focus for this week was for me to develop more relationships with a few more carriers. I was supposed to book at least two loads with four different carriers. This was very challenging for me because it is hard enough trying to get a carrier to stay on the phone with you, let alone book two or more loads with them. Most of the carriers are straight to the point and are more interested in how much we will pay them to move the load instead of hearing all the details that go into the load. This is very frustrating because the carriers do not get a chance to take everything in to account before refusing or accepting a load which causes problems later on once they reach the shipper and realize that they are not equipped to haul the load because all they cared about was the price. When it gets to that point, they have now lost the money that they were so worried about and also, time because they were to impatient to do business in the correct manner.

Putting everything I just said aside, I was able to reach my goal this week. I was even able to book five loads with one carrier for the entire week, which I am really proud of. This goal was very challenging, but once I was able to handle the rejection well and learn the different things I could say to a carrier in order to keep them on the phone and sell the load to them, things began to fall in place and I am now looking forward to the challenging goal of next week!


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